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  Should you choose to resort to mediation  


Why the mediation?

"I can't or no longer can get along with the other and yet geting along with the other is indispensable."

When direct dialogue is both necessary and difficult, the assistance of a mediator is precious.

What is the role of the mediator?

The mediator is not a judge nor an arbitrator.

The mediator is a neutral, impartial and independent third party.

Its mission is to bring the parties together, to bring  closer their point of views ,to facilitate the dialogue between them and assist them in finding a satisfactory solution to their disputes.

The mediator is committed to respect the confidentiality of exchanges and asks the parties engaged in the mediation to abide by it.

Who is concerned by the mediation?

The mediation is applicable to all citizens in all sectors:

- Work: execution of the employment contract, dismissal, collective conflicts ...

- Family: inheritance, separation, divorce, family breakdown ...

- Neighbourhood: co-ownership, noise pollution ...

- Housing: conflicts between tenants and landlords ...

- Real estate: construction, purchase, sales ...

- Health: relationships between health professionals and patients, health insurances ...

- Education: conflicts between teachers, students, parents ...

- Trade: intercompany conflicts ...

- Banking sector: conflicts between customers and banks, debt collection ...

- Insurance: Conflicts between insured and insurers ...

- Intercultural or intercommunity  conflicts.

What are the advantages of mediation?

Allows parties to voluntarily address a conflict

Flexible and informal process

Helps maintain social, family or business relationships

Swiftness of the process

Less costly

Absolute confidentiality of the process

Process to start a mediation

You should initially contact the Professional Mediation Centre. Following your request, the CPM will contact the other party to propose to settle the conflict amicably.

If all the parties agree to a mediation, a registered mediator at the CPM will be freely chosen by the parties.

The mediation takes place on the premises of the CPM in Beirut or Tripoli.

Rates of the mediation

Rates vary depending on the nature of the dispute (family, social, commercial, etc.).

Parties who demonstrate as per CPM's procedure that they do not have financial means will only pay a symbolic fee for the mediation.
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