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Saint Joseph University
Campus of Social Sciences
Huvelin Road
BP 17-5208 Mar Mikhael
Beirut 1104-2020, Lebanon

Info :
Tel : +961 (1) 421 475
Fax : +961 (1) 421 476

  Ethical rules of the CPM  

The mediator :

1 - Is independent, he has no direct or indirect relationship with the parties , unless specified in a written agreement signed by both parties ;

2 - Is available and provides the speed and the flexibility of the mediation;

3 - Is diligent and can solicit any type of document to facilitate dialogue between the parties;

4 - Acts in accordance with laws;

5 - Monitors the formal requirements  of a fair and effective dialogue ;

6 - Monitors the human conditions of a real and fruitful dialogue;

7 - Respects the confidentiality between the parties during the mediation;

8 - Respects the confidentiality outside the mediation;

9 - Is neutral, he doesn't  take sides nor expresses an opinion;

10 - Ensures equal treatment between the parties;

11 - Encourages the parties to be assisted by councils who can take part to the mediation under specific terms and conditions;

12 - Puts an end to the mediation if there is a clear balance of power, a serious legal ignorance of one of the parties or a violation of a penal law.

13 - Is disinterested, he is paid based on a price sheet or by hour and not based on the results or the issues at stake;

14 - Emphasizes on co-mediation;

15 - Is careful and keen on reaching  a real, free and informed agreement;

16 - Is respectful of the freedom of the parties;

17 - Works in constant contact with the CPM to which he files mediation reports for statistical purposes;

18 - Is committed to a continuous training;

19 - Agrees to respect  the mediation rules aforementioned, under the penalty of being delisted from the CPM.
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