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Projects of CPM

Saint Joseph University
Campus of Social Sciences
Huvelin Road
BP 17-5208 Mar Mikhael
Beirut 1104-2020, Lebanon

Info :
Tel : +961 (1) 421 475
Fax : +961 (1) 421 476

  Projects of the CPM  

The CPM is not only a training center for the practice of mediation, it is also a dynamic place where projects take shape and are set to promote the use of mediation as an amicable alternative to the settlement of disputes.

All actions of the CPM are linked directly to the issues at stake and current events and cover different spheres of life.

Projects in progress:

- Judicial mediation

- Mediation and conflicts resolution  Cell "Opération 7ème jour"

- Banking mediation

- School mediation

- Administrative mediation

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