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  Mediation and conflicts resolution Cell "Opération 7ème jour"  

Within the "Operation 7ème jour" of USJ, the CPM has established the "mediation and conflict resolution "cell  that aims through its projects to raise awarness, on a volunteer basis, to non-violent techniques of communication and mediation.

The projects implemented by the cell are:


In partnership with the municipalities of Tripoli and Mina and the Tebbaneh Center (that falls under the ministry of Social affairs), the CPM organized awareness workshops on non-violent communication and mediation to the members of these institutions.

The objective of this collaboration is also to make available to the population of North Lebanon professional mediators that can help them manage their conflicts amicably.

Zeina Husseini, mediator at the CPM, says:"After a year of permanence in each of these three institutions, I am convinced that wealth is in diversity . Being a source of conflicts, diversity becomes , through the mediation, a tool for integration and comprehension between individuals."


Emptying frustrations, untangling tensions, listening actively, having a watchful eye, facilitating the communication ... to make life behind bars less complicated and to promote the social reintegration.

It is in this context that from May 2010, and in collaboration with the Lebanese Social Movement, the CPM has set introductory workshops to non-violent communication and mediation with inmates and prison guards for Barbar Khazen women and juvenile prison in Roumieh.

The mediation cell plans to expand this project to adult inmates held at the central prison of Roumieh.


Early 2013, workshops on the theory and practice of mediation were organized by the CPM to the administration and staff of Sesobel to raise awareness of mediation as a method of prevention and resolution of conflicts and to give them tools of active listening.

A group of young people with disabilities was then selected for a training on the practice of mediation. This training covered various topics including: positive self-knowledge, positive knowledge of the other, non-violent communication and mediation.

Since these trainings, weekly permanences are assured by CPM's mediators to create a leastening space for young people with disabilities, their families and Sesobel's staff.


On 13 May 2013, 12 students from different faculties of  the Social Sciences Campus were awarded their certificates of training in mediation by the rector of USJ, Professor Salim Daccache j.s. and Ms. Johanna Hawari-Bourgély, Director of the Professional mediation centre (CPM).

This pilot project aims to sensitize students to the mediation and non-violent communication as a mean of prevention and resolution of conflicts and  aims to establish a group of student mediators who will ensure permanences of mediation in their campus to listen to their peers.

The first student mediators are now, as Paul said, "willing to give their time to their peers, ready to listen,remain neutral and respect confidentiality. "
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