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" Heroes are needed to make war, but undoubtedly humans are needed to make peace"

On February 4th, 2005, the law n.644 reveals a new institution in the Lebanese administrative landscape: the Ombudsman.

It is an independent person who does not belong to any authority. Its mission is to facilitate relations between the administration and citizens and to resolve the disputes that may arise.


Since the promulgation of the law, there is still no appointment of an Ombudsman in Lebanon.

Therefore, the CPM seeks to raise awareness about the need for an institution of Ombudsman in Lebanon.

In a symposium organized by the CMP on November 6th, 2009  under the theme "Ombudsman, the citizen's protector," Mrs. Johanna Hawari-Bourgély, director of the CPM, said:

"The mistrust that characterizes the ratio of our fellow citizens to the public administration is only increasing. The frustrations generated by this relationship where the administration seems so inaccessible, and the citizen feels helpless, cause a rejection to which the citizens do everything possible to avoid dealing with the public administration because they know that any procedure can add more complications in the citizen's daily hassle. A mediator link proves to be an urgent need to restore the relationship and to benefit both taxpayers and the public administration. "


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