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Saint Joseph University
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  School mediation  

”Mediation by young people, for young people, with young people and between young people”

The CPM is training since 2010 to non-violent communication , conflict management and mediation within the schools in Lebanon.
The CPM offers two separate training programs:

  • The School mediation program that allows students who took the mediation training to intervene in a dispute to help their peers to find an amicable solution to the problem. The objectives of training students to become mediators are:
  • The acquisition of the know-how and social skills that allows students to develop citizenship skills.
  • The development of self-knowledge, listening capacity and non-violent communication skills.
  • The “Positive communication” training program that allows students to develop tools to prevent and manage conflicts. The training’s objectives are:
  • The acquisition of complementary tools for the development of the students personality.
  • Raise awareness among students on the importance of having communication skills in order to prevent and manage their conflicts.


The training's ultimate goal is to develop a "peace education" among young people.



JUNE 29, 2013


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