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  Become a Mediator  

Certificate of Professional Mediator

TTo become a mediator at the CPM turns you into a peacemaker and a constructive dialogue facilitator. This training is both useful in your professional life but also in all of your interpersonal relationships.
The CMP sets up two parallel trainings in Beirut (the campus of Medical Sciences of USJ, Damascus road) and Tripoli (USJ North Lebanon campus).

Who can become a Mediator?

The program is open to professionals from all cultural, academic and professional backgrounds.

Content of the training

The training offered by the CPM is essentially practical. Each seminar will allow the participants to understand the mechanisms underlying conflicts and learn to transform them in order to improve relations between the protagonists.
The training content covers all the techniques and fields of intervention of the mediator. Family, commercial, and intercultural mediation or within a company, the participant will also be introduced to other forms of ADR (negotiation, conciliation, etc.). The training also includes seminars of law and ethics, as well as psychology and communication seminars. 

Training objectives

  • To acquire the tools and techniques of negotiation and mediation
  • To acquire the tools of non-violent communication and to improve the quality of human relations
  • To develop one’s capacity for active, empathetic and benevolent listening
  • To master the necessary skills to prevent, manage and resolve tensions and conflicts amicably.

The seminars: duration and process

  • 8 seminars given once per month, 3 days per week (Thursday and Friday night as well as Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm)
  • Classes begin in October and end around May


Training is validated on submission of a TPC, a dissertation, a written test on ethics and an oral mock mediation case.

The diploma 

The training is given by Lebanese and international professionals and leads to a Certificate ofprofessional mediator co-signed by the CPM, the IFOMENE (Institute of Training in Mediation and Negotiation) and AME (European Association of Mediators). This certificate gives access to the professional practice of mediation within the CPM in Lebanon and abroad. 


The admission is done by the submission of applications in the campus of your choice (Beirut or Tripoli) followed by interviews with each candidate.
Required documents:

  • 2 passport size photographs
  • A copy of the extract of your individual civil status or a photocopy of the Lebanese identity card or the passport for foreigners
  • A copy of your C.V
  • Application fees: 50 000 L.L
For more information about registration requirements, don't hesitate to contact us

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