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  ICC Commercial Mediation Competition  

The International Commercial Mediation Competition is an annual event organized by the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris. of its kind, this event brings together teams of students from around the world who gather to share mediation best practices, meet professional mediators and overcome cultural differences often encountered in international commercial mediation.

Since 2008, a team of the CPM is selected each year to take part in this adventure.

To learn more about the competition, visit the CCI website.


Team : Jihane Khattar, Christine Maksoud and Najib Khattar

Coach : Johanna Hawari Bourgély


Team : Martine Abi Khalil, Chimène Philibert, Fouad Saddi and Ramez Lotfi

Coaches : Jihane Khattar and Hoda Lteif


Team : Norma Akoury and Joëlle Samaha
Coaches : Hoda Lteif and Jihane Khattar
The team was able to reach, for the first time the second round.

Lebanon is the first Arab country to be ranked among the 16 finalists, proving the efficiency of this young center and its belief in the path of dialogue.


Team : Mira Haydar, Nathalie Sabbagh and Joe Bakhache
Coaches : Norma Akoury, Hoda Lteif, Jihane Khattar

The team was able to reach the 17th position among the 66 competing teams.



Team : Lamice Nasr, Yasmine Tager and César Ghaleb
Coach :
Norma Akoury



Team : Lucy Doumanian, Karim Mounayar and Sandra Geahchan

Coach: Norma Akoury


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