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« Heroes are needed to make war, but you need undoubtedly humans to make peace ».
Tossed for decades between war and peace, Lebanon has always aspired to this kind of human beings. If according to Jaspers, "no external peace can be achieved without inner peace between men ", it would be futile to look for a great hero. Our attempts for thirty years were all doomed to fail.

Maybe we should have looked for him elsewhere … in any place, where despite all his concerns, A HUMAN is still able to breathe. In any place where the human puts on a citizen’s clothe.
In this regard, the Professional Mediation Centre (CPM), a multidisciplinary center established at the Saint-Joseph University, aims to: form this HUMAN for mediation, and try to ease tensions between people through dialogue.
The mediator: isn’t he a peacemaker? We firmly believe in this and we are striving to make it happen.
To date, the CPM has trained 312 mediators coming from different cultures, religious faiths and professions. Their aim: to serve our fellow citizens in the search for a solution to their disputes.

In addition to training professional mediators, the CPM is active on all fronts of the civil society to raise awareness and promote mediation, whether it is conventional, legal or administrative.

Johanna Hawari-Bourjeily
Founder Director of the Professional mediation centre





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